Anti-slip film ///

dehnbandrollenLINGrip anti-slip film is THE alternative to anti-slip paper and is ideal in use with storage systems with smooth surfaces such as veneer, sheet metal and coated shelving as well as steep warehouse routes

Elaborate locking systems are no solution in internal logistics areas for time and material reasons. However, without a solution valuable products start to slide, personnel are put at risk and delays arise. With astonishing grip, LINGrip delivers the solution to all sliding problems. The film is only 60μm thick and is accordingly light. It is ideal where sliding can occur due to smooth surfaces. At the same time it is thin and simple to apply. Small in application, large in terms of effect; LINGrip prevents unstable transport goods from sliding: Easily, quickly and unceasingly.

LINGrip anti-slip film is available either in continuous rolls or in pre-perforated form.