Cargo Securing

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LINDER Seevetal is your reliable and experienced partner also for cargo securing


Cargo securing or load securing comprises different components which we all provide our customers: Lashing, suitable lashing tensioning tools, load buckles, wire hooks, non-slip mats, non-slip film, dunnage bags and container seals - we offer everything our customers require to ship their goods safely and protected to their final destination. 

Our product range is mainly interesting for exporters and stevedore companies who focus on high quality load securing of goods shipped in containers. 


Usually for transportation and export in containers, the pallets are secured with steel strapping or PET strapping. To avoid any slipping of the goods on a pallet, there should be applied LINGrip anti-slip film. When the pallets are loaded into the container, they should be protected by anti-slip mats that are put under the pallets to avoid any slipping or falling sideways. Moreover in order to avoid any slipping or falling, there should be applied dunnage bags which are put into gaps between pallets or pallets and the container wall. 

Today, dunnage bags are made preferably out of PP material. So they are protected against sharp edged goods and humidity in the containers. 


In the container the pallets are usually secured with lashing. 

LINDER Seevetal offers a wide range of high quality lashings with different widths and system breaking strengths for every application. Our lashings are all certified by Germanischer Lloyd. We are also able to print the lashing with your company logo or a slogan. Just contact us!  


For an optimal application we provide our customers with manual and pneumatic lashing tensioning tools which are able to achieve the necessary tensile forces with the lashing. Within the container or on the flat the lashings can be fastened with the help of wire hooks. The application takes place at special contact points within the container. For the best result and the achievement of highest tensile forces, we highly recommend the application of our load buckles which come wired or drop-forged

To prevent your goods from theft and to follow the currently tightened security regulations, we offer special container seals


If you have any questions regarding the optimal securing of your cargo, do not hesitate to contact our team of cargo securing specialists. We look forward to assist you!