Dunnage Bags


Dunnage bags ///

Dunnage bags are applied in trucks or containers to prevent pallets from slipping or falling sideways and causing heavy damages. They are put in gaps between pallets or between pallets and the container walls. 


The dunnage bags are pumped with air with the help of a special air pistol. If our customers already possess such an air pistol and orders dunnage bags from us, it is very imporant to tell us the producer's name so that we can offer the suitable dunnage bags or a special adapter.

Dunnage bags are available in two qualities. Either dunnage bags are made out of paper or PP tissue. In comparison, dunnage bags out of PP tissue are better protected against sharp edged goods and humidity in the containers. 


If required, we can provide our customers with dunnage bags of level 2 or level 3 that are demanded by the American Railway Company. Usually, dunnage bags with level 1 holding a pressure of up to 0,20 bar are fully sufficient.


If you need further assistance or special measures of dunnage bags, please get in contact with us. Our team of cargo securing specialists will be glad to help you!