Manual lashing tensioning tools

Manual lashing tensioning tools ///

LINDER Seevetal offers manual lashing tensioning tools for different lashing widths and applications. The tools come in an extremely robust design and are of high quality.   

We recommend the application of lashing tensioning tools that fit with the lashing. The lashing tensioners for wide lashing widths can also applied with more narrow lashings. In this case there should be paid attention that the lashing tensioning tool does not damage the lashing.


We offer high quality brand tools. The tools are equipped with a cutter. Therefore the lashing can be cut easily with the help of the integrated cutter at the tools' front. 

We recommend two manual lashing tensioning tools: MUL-375 for lashings with widhts up to 40 mm and MUL-395 for lashings with up to 50 mm widths. These tools are very robust and with the help of the large lever there can be reached the sufficient tensile forces. 


LINDER Seevetal recommends these manual lashing tensioning tools: 


Lashing tensioning tool MUL-375 ///

movieLashing / Textile strapping

Up to 40 mm strapping width

Cutter included 


Lashing tensioning tool MUL-395 ///

Lashing / Textile strapping

Up to 50 mm strapping width

Cutter included