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LINDER Seevetal as strapping producer offery you a wide range of different strappings - PP, PET, composite, hotmelt, baling press strap, woven strapping and lashing. Don't hesitate to contact us. 

 PP strapping
PET strapping
Composite strappingkompositband
Product information Highest elongation (about 20%), standard: black, also available in white and translucent Extreme stiffness, efficient handling
with battery-powered tools
Like HotMelt strapping, but additionally bonded with a plastic surface, so it is stiffer
Tensile strength From about 52 up to about 338 daN From about 260 up to about 1100 daN From about 300 up to about 1600 daN
Dimensions 5 – 16 mm strap width, core 63,150, 200, 280, 406; embossed and smooth quality, also available in dispenser boxes with plastic seals 9 – 25 mm strap width,
core 406, 200, 280;
embossed and smooth quality,
Heavy Duty quality available
13 – 31 mm strap width, also available in Heavy Duty quality
Advantage If only low strengthes are required this is the most cost-effective solution More efficient handling than polyester textile strapping, high stiffness Optimum protection against sharp edges and weathering by plastic-coating
Assignment To be used with fully automatic machines, batterypowered or manual tools To be used with fully automatic machines, battery-powered or manual tools For use with galvanized seals, and with sharp edged packages, could get stiff at very cold temperatures, usable e.g. for timber


 HotMelt polyester strappingfadenstrukturbandBaling press strappingballenpressenbandWoven strappinggewebtesband
Product information HotMelt quality, can be extended against running direction Same quality as HotMelt strapping, but less meterage and smaller core (63 mm), adjusted to baling presses Made of cross-woven polyester filaments
Tensile strength From about 390 up to about 1400 daN From about 200 up to about 975 daN From about 375 about to 1400 daN
Dimensions 13 – 35 mm strap width, also available in Heavy Duty quality 7 –19 mm strap width 13 – 35 mm strap width, also available in Heavy Duty quality
Advantage Retensionable at any time Dimensions adjusted to special baling press applications Protected against sharp edges by cross-woven filaments
Assignment For use with galvanized seals, caution needed with sharp edged packages, e.g. strapping timber, and high temperatures Only suited for use with baling presses To be used with phosphated buckles, woven strapping can also be used with galvanized buckles, e.g. for timber bundling


Product information Lash strapping band, single-use straps
Tensile strength From about 2000 up to about 7500 daN
Dimensions 32 – 50 mm strap width, delivered in bags
Advantage Special kind of woven strapping with highest tensile strengths
Assignment For use with load buckles and / or wire hooks, mainly used by export packers