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RED LION STRAP is as strong as a lion. It is produced from specially developed HT polyester yarn and guarantees the maximum breaking strength per strapping width. It can be employed in almost all areas in which steel strapping is used – and offers added advantages: RED LION STRAP is rustproof, can be re-tightened and poses less risk of injury during handling.

Made in Germany, RED LION STRAP is an innovation that stands out from other strapping on the market. A highly resistant woven structure is produced through the unique HCX3 weaving process. This prevents the mesh from breaking up and the strapping from tearing, even if damaged by sharp-edged packaged goods for example.

RED LION STRAP impresses with its elegant appearance and key identifier: its woven red thread. RED LION STRAP is a high quality product, just like its packaging – in heavyduty EB flute corrugated boxes. This guarantees a high recognition factor and the RED LION STRAP is optimally protected.


Strap width in mm 16 19 25 35
Max. tensile strenth in daN 700 1.130 1.450 1.500
SBS 1.050 1.695 2.175 2.250
Mts. per coil 600 300 350 100
Core in mm 76 76 76 76
Coils per box 2 2 2 7
Coils per pallet 60 60 60 210

*Custom finishes possible


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