Strap dispensing carts ///

The strap dispensing cart required depends on the type of strapping used. This is because the cart must be equipped with a core retainer that matches the core diameter of your strapping.

The dispensers also vary in the solidity of their design: Due to the significant additional weight of a PET coil in comparison to a PP coil, the strap dispensing cart requires more stability. In the case of polyester textile strapping the coils are only a few kg in weight, making them so light that a portable dispenser is generally sufficient.

All strap dispensing carts are equipped with a strap brake and a storage tray, where the strapping accessories can be kept handy.


TypePP strappingPET strappingTextil strappingComposite
For core
 AWFLEX x x      406 AWFLEX4 
AWPET406 x x     406 / 407 awpet406
AWPPFLEX x     x 200 / 280 / 406 awppflex
AWPP406 x       406 awpp406
AWWGC-S x     x 200 awwgcs
AWWGC-F x     x 200 awwgcf
AWWG     x   76 awwg
AWWG-F     x   76 awwgf