Free-arm wrapping machines ///

Unlike the turntable wrappers, free-arm wrappers do not rotate the goods; instead the rotary arm moves around the goods. Hence arm wrappers are particularly well suited to use in wrapping unstable or very heavy items.



wrapmasterWith WrapMaster it is possible to store eight wrapping programs individually by a combination of numerous wrapping parameters.

  • Semi-automatic, i.e. manual film bonding necessary at the pallets base
  • Convenient control via a graphic operating panel
  • Recommended from 50 pallets per day


WrapMaster Sting

wrapmasterstingWrapMaster Sting is a fully automatic version of WrapMaster, whom welds the film ends automatically.

  • Ideal for high-bay storage
  • Control via remote control possible
  • Recommended from 100 pallets per day