Semi-automatic strapping machines ///

We recommend our semi-automatic strapping machines when up to 40 packages are strapped daily. The strapping is manually drawn over the item, so it is possible to strap the widest range of goods dimensions.



basic With BASIC it is possible to choose between the open and closed variants. Both are designed for PP strapping and have adjustable welding units. The strap tension is adjusted using a rotary controller.

  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic energy-saving mode



basiclBASIC-L is the flat version of BASIC and is the ideal solution with large-volume packaged goods. movie



comfortCOMFORT is a further development of BASIC and exhibits the following advantages by comparison:

  • Very quiet DC motors, which also enable use in offices for example
  • Electronically controlled strap tensioning, which is shown on an LED display
  • Height adjustable



tyrestrapTyreStrap was developed for the tire industry.

  • Ball bearing working table
  • Ring-like cut-out, so tires and rims can be strapped comfortably
  • Side aggregate for easy handling