Turntable wrapping machines ///

With this type of wrapper the goods are rotated on a turntable while stretching takes place. The basic differences between the various types of wrappers are the programmability of individual wrapping programs and the level of automation.



smartThe SMART ist the entry level model in terms of automatic pallet wrapping.

  • Space-saving and compact design
  • Soft start/stop function
  • Wraps up to 25 pallets per hour
  • Film carriage and turntable speed adjustable



rotarionRotarion is the basic model in the Rotarion range and offers three predefined wrapping programs.

  • Film carriage and turntable speed adjustable
  • Optionally up to 2000 mm turntable diameter
  • 3000 mm optional wrapping height


Rotarion EVO

evoRotarion EVO is a further development of Rotarion. It has microprocessor control and additional features like

  • Three pre-defined wrapping programs
  • Wrapping height up to 2500 mm
  • Optionally in transpallet-version
  • Film carriage and turntable speed adjustable


Rotarion EVO+

evopRotarion EVO+ facilitates the programming of five different wrapping programs on an individual basis.

  • Intuitive operating panel with control per PLC microcontroller
  • Up to 2400 mm turntable diameter
  • Closed film carriage to protect the film


Rotarion SPEED

speedRotarion SPEED is the basic model of our high-perfomance wrapping machines.

  • Wrapping parameters can be set individually
  • Diverse evaluation options, e.g. such as film consumption
  • Convenient operation via touch panel
  • Folding column and slide-in transport units for ease of transportation


Rotarion SPEED+

speed+Rotarion SPEED+ is the fully automatic variant of SPEED.

  • Automatic film bonding and welding, therefore ideal for high-bay storage
  • Selection and start of wrapping programs possible via remote control — e.g. from a forklift (optional)
  • Recommended from 80 pallets per day



Rotarion SPEED FS

speed fsRotarion SPEED FS is based on the SPEED+ and has been designed for integration into a conveyor line.

  • Including driven roller belt for automatic collection and depositing of the pallets
  • Light barriers guard the working area