Pneumatic strapping tools ///

The use of pneumatic strapping devices with textile strapping or lashing makes sense when very high and / or constant tensioning forces are required — for example due to safety requirements. Pneumatic rechargeablestrapping devices are always preferable in conjunction with PP and PET strapping when carried out at a fixed location and/or where particularly high tensioning forces are required — for example when working with 25 or 32 mm PET strapping.

Of course, all the pneumatic strapping tools work with our LINDER Seevetal strappings. LINDER Seevetal as a strapping producer provides you best quality and excellent service. We are looking forward to assist you - feel free to contact us!

Pneumatic strapping devices ///

 TypePP strappingPET strappingTextil strappingLashingTensioning force
LS10 / LS12 / LS14

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LS-10 10 - 13 mm 10 - 13 mm     2.500 N
LS-12   15 / 19 mm     5.000 N
LS-14   25 / 32 mm     6.000 N
PneumoCord /PneumoLash PneumoCord     10 - 32 mm   7.500 N
PneumoLash     up to 50 mm up to 50 mm 7.500 N